5 Tips for Moving Into Your First Apartment

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The transition from childhood to becoming an adult is very exciting. Part of becoming a full fledged adult is finding a place of your own. If you’ve never moved before, the prospect of organizing a move can feel intimidating. Fortunately, paying attention to a few details can really ease that process and make it flow. These simple tips make it easy for anyone to stay organized and on top of everything that has to be done to make any move a success.

Enough Supplies

Even a small move may require a lot of supplies to get the job done. People who have not moved before or haven’t moved in years tend to underestimate the amount of items they’ll need for the move before they begin. Everything in the space must be moved. This includes the larger and more obvious things such as chairs and a dining room table. It also includes smaller items that might be forgotten about until the last minute like silverware and your collection of music boxes. It is crucial to have enough moving supplies on hand before doing anything else. A large variety of boxes in varied sizes is a good start. In addition, all those planning a move should have tape, scissors and packing materials as well as a means of identifying what’s in each box as it is moved. Set aside some space for a few meals before you leave so you’re not taking out those dishes last minute.

Getting Into the Space

All apartments have different ways to get inside the space. It’s best to know what method is available to bring you to your apartment in advance before you start. A large building typically has at least one elevator designed to accommodate heavier items and other freight alone. Most passengers will not use this elevator unless there’s an emergency. Find out if this one can be reserved ahead of time before you move. Smaller apartments have elevators. There may be special rules governing the use of these elevators. Make sure you know them in advance. If the building only has stairs, it’s important to understand how to get items up the stairs and into your chosen space. Don’t get stuck with items that get stuck there last minute. You’ll irritate other residents and run the risk of breaking your possessions.

The Local Weather

Weather conditions vary greatly from place to place. You want all of your items protected from the weather during any move. If you are moving long distance, you’ll want to make sure your items are protected from all kinds of weather conditions including rain, wind and possible freezing wind and even snow. A tarp can offer protection. Bear in mind that weather conditions can change quickly. Keep in mind you might start out on a hot day only to end it with pouring rain. An apartment may not have shelter for your items. It’s best to have something on hand that can be pulled over quickly on top of everything you are moving in the event of an unexpected weather change.

In Advance

Allowing enough time is crucial. Even a relatively short move to a new apartment can take several hours or more just to bring things out of the space. All moves need to be planned at least two weeks in advance if possible. A move to an apartment building will have special considerations. For example, there may or may not be designated parking at the place just for moving vans. If not, allow enough time to find a space. It’s also a good idea to remember the time of day. Moving during the morning or evening commute can complicate matters. The last thing you want to do is antagonize your new neighbors by crowding the elevator space when they’re trying to get to or from work. Moving is best done to your new apartment during the late morning or early afternoon.

Apartment Layout

Before you move in, get a copy of your new apartment’s layout in great detail. All closets should be indicated as well as floor space. You’ll want to decide where everything goes before you move. If possible, tour the space with a tape measure. Decide what’s going to fit well in each room. If this is a renovation or new construction, you might be able to tour a similar apartment already on the market. The goal is to make your move quick and efficient. Designate each box for a certain room. A set of colors for each room is a good choice that lets you know instantly. You don’t want to have to rearrange the heavy stuff a month from now by yourself without help from your friends and family or the movers.

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